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Prior to their round, all guests are required to check in with the Golf Shop

Golf Dress Code

Turner Hill Golf Club requires that its members & guests dress appropriately. The club reserves the right to require any member or guest to change any attire which does not comply with the dress code. The dress code below applies to members, guests and spectators within the golf shop, practice facility and on the golf course.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Country Club Casual Attire

Members and guests are encouraged to wear country club casual attire with some specific limitations and/or allowances as presented below. Country club casual attire may include but is not limited to neat, clean, casual attire such as collared shirts and slacks or appropriate shorts for men, along with dresses, skirts, and appropriate shorts for women. Dress, or casual shoes are required. Denim is allowed.

Not Allowed under Country Club Casual

  • Cargo pants, cutoffs, torn, faded or stained clothing, tank tops, sports bras, short shorts, bare midriffs or menís sleeveless shirts
  • Denim, which is faded, has visible tears, and/or frayed edges
  • Exercise attire except in the Fitness Center or when entering or exiting the Clubhouse for purpose of using the Fitness Center or Locker Rooms.
  • Pool attire except at the Pool or when entering or exiting the Clubhouse for purpose of using the Locker Rooms.
  • Metal spiked golf shoes
  • Sneakers are not appropriate in the Clubhouse except for when walking to and from the Locker Rooms and Fitness Center.
  • Gentlemen are asked to remove their caps while seated in any indoor dining area. Caps are permitted on the Memberís Grill veranda.

Allowances and Limitations by Location

Unless otherwise noted for specified events, the following requirements are specified by location.

Members Grill, Patio Area, Card Room, Bowling Alley, Mansion Club Lounge (Bar)

Golf attire in accord with the Turner Hill Golf Course access policy, including soft spiked golf shoes, is permitted.

Mansion Club Restaurant

Denim is not permitted. Men and boys are asked to wear jackets or blazers.

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